123 hp com setup Paper Jam Fixing

How to Fix Paper Jam in HP Printer

how to fix paper jam in hp printer

Quick Solution for How to Fix Paper Jam in HP Printer

Printing an image and documents from 123 hp com setup Paper Jam Fixing. The printer stops accepting the pages when paper have jammed during a print job. This paper jam can be cleared by restarting the printer.

  1. Restarting can be done by pressing and holding the power button. The error message is displayed on the HP application.
  2. You can see the Status Indicator light that blinks and turns red.

Fixing HP Printer Paper Jam

  • The following document describes How to Fix Paper Jam in HP Printer and paper-feed errors in HP OfficeJet and PSC series All-In-One Printers.
  • Basically paper jams are of two types- real and fake. Sometimes the unit might report a paper jam when there is no jammed paper. But the solution to both is the same.
  1. Click OK on the HP application to clear the error message
  2. The printer should be switched off
  3. Take away the top cover by moving it away from the output slot and then keep it aside
  4. Take away any loose photo paper which is in the input tray, and then keep it aside if required
  1. Take away the jammed paper slowly from the input tray
  2. Restack the remaining photo paper with the printed side faced down.
  3. The top cover is fixed with tracks on the outside of the printer and then the top cover is moved toward the output slot until it seated firmly.
  4. The 123.hp.com/setup printer should be turned on.

Warning: How to Fix Paper Jam in HP Printer – Jammed paper should be removed using the back access door with the power cord not connected to the unit to prevent any mechanical damage. Jammed paper should not be removed from the front of the printer.

  1. Switch off the HP product and spin it around so the rear of the unit faces you
  2. Unplug the power cord from the rear of the all in one printer. The power cord should be disconnected so that the paper feed rollers can turn freely.
  3. Find the back access door and then unlock it by turning the dial in the counter-clock wise direction and drawing the door toward you.
  4. Examine the pressure rollers on the back access door and ensure that they are clean and can turn freely, If required, clean the rollers with a soft, lightly damp towel. If the rollers cannot turn swiftly, change the rear access door
  5. Remove the jammed paper from the rear access door opening. In case the jammed paper cannot be removed from the back of the unit, the same can be done from the front but with utmost care.
  6. Close the rear access door
  7. Plug in the power cord to the printer and turn the printer on

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