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123 HP Envy 7820 Setup and Install

HP Envy 7820 Photo printer First time Setup and Install

  • 123 HP Envy 7820 Setup
  • HP Envy 7820 Unboxing and Setting up
  • HP Envy 7820 Ink Cartridge Installation
  • HP Envy 7820 Driver Installation

123 HP Envy 7820 Printer Functions

How to Scan

  1. If you have not installed your driver yet, go to our website and choose your printer model, then download the full feature driver.Follow the setup instructions, there will be a prompt to install the HP Scan software, select the recommended option and move to the next step.

  2. Place the original with the photo printed side down on the scanner glass. Press the Scan button on your 123.hp.com/envy7820 printer’s control panel. Choose your computer name when prompted and select a scan job type. The folder that the scan is saved to will automatically open.

  3. The document can also be scanned using HP Scan. Search windows for your printer name and then open HP Printer Assistant. Choose Scan a Document or Photo and the HP Scan will open. Choose a shortcut that will match the file type and change the available settings if required.

  4. Select the option Show Scan Preview to preview the scan before saving it. To change the location where the scan will be saved on your computer, go to Advanced Settings and click Destination. Click Save to Folder and choose the location. Select the Save icon and the settings will be saved.

How to Copy

  1. Power up your printer and load the document you want to copy. The document should be placed with the print side down on the scanner glass. If the Automatic document feeder is used, then the document should be loaded with the print side should facing upwards.

  2. Press the Copy button, on your 123.hp.com/envy7820 printer’s control panel. Select Document or ID Card. If you would like to change the number of copies, then reset the number on the control panel. To make any adjustments to the copied document, press the settings button.

  3. If you want to copy a double-sided original, touch the Copy Output option and select 1 or 2 sided. If you would like to change the size of the copy then touch Preset and then input a value between 25 and 400 percent to decrease of expand the copy size.

  4. Need support ? Ring @ Toll Free 1 888-224-4280

123 HP Envy 7820 Printer Setup

Apple AirPrint

  1. Connect your 123.hp.com/envy7820 printer and your Mac to the same network (Wireless, USb or Ethernet). On your Mac, click the Apple menu and select System Preferences. Then choose Print and Scan or Print and Fax. Select your printer’s name in the list of available printers.

  2. If your printer’s name is not displayed, then add it to the list and continue to the next step. Confirm AirPrint in the Print Using menu and then click Add. Open the image that you want to print and then click Print.

Wireless Direct

  1. On your printer’s control panel, touch the HP Envy 7820 wireless direct icon to turn on the connection. Click the wireless icon on your computer.

  2. Select your printer model name in the list of available networks. Print a test page and check the connectivity. If there is an issue then reset the connection.

  3. Need support ? Ring @ Toll Free 1 888-224-4280

HP ePrint

  1. Turning on Web Services on your printer’s control panel so that your printer will securely communicate over the Internet with web-connected printing services, such as HP ePrint.

  2. After turning on the Web Services, print the Important 123.hp.com/envy7820 Printer Setup Instructions page. This page will contain the printer claim code, your printer’s email address and information about web services.

  3. Attach the document that you want to print to an email, enter your printer’s email address in the To field, enter a subject and send the email. Make sure that the total size of the email is less than 10 MB.

Mopria Print Service plugin

  1. From Google Play Store install Mopria Print Service plugin, on your Android device.

  2. After the installation, choose a method to turn on the Mopria Print Service plugin.

  3. Open the item you want to print and then select the menu icon and choose the Print option.

  4. Preview the file and select your printer’s name in the list of printers and click OK.

123 HP Envy7820 Paper handling – ADF

The automatic document feeder can be used to scan, copy and fax pages.

  • Confirm that there are no originals on the scanner glass. The ADF may not recognize the documents in the feeder if there are originals on the scanner glass. Tap the originals on a flat surface to even the edges.
  • Slide out the paper guide on the ADF. Insert the document into the Automatic Document Feeder with the print side facing up. Slide in the edge guide until it rests on the edge of the stack.
  • Check if the ADF light is turned on, on your printer’s control panel.If there is any other original on the scanner glass or when the 123.hp.com/envy7820 printer is in sleep mode the ADF light may stay off.
  • Make sure that there is no object on the scanner glass as this may prevent the automatic document feeder from operating.If the Automatic Document Feeder doesn’t pick paper then remove the paper from the ADF.

  • Take only 10 sheets and insert them into the ADF tray. Confirm that the stack is completely inserted into the ADF tray.If the issue still persists, then open the ADF cover.
  • Use a damp lint-free cloth and clean the ADF cover, Rollers and the Separator pad. Replace the ADF cover properly and check if it settles in its place. Try to use the ADF.
  • If the ADF still has an issue, then try to reset your printer. Without turning off your printer, disconnect the power cord from your 123 hp envy 7820 printer. Wait for 60 seconds, reconnect the power cord to the rear of the printer.
  • If the printer doesn’t turn on automatically, press the Power button to turn it on. You can stop the troubleshooting if ADF picks the paper. If the ADF doesn’t pick the paper, then service the 123.hp.com/envy7820 printer.

123 HP Envy7820 Ink Cartridge Error

When you get an error message that there is an issue with the ink cartridges, the first step is to check the estimated ink level. Go to printer settings on your printer’s control panel and select the supply tab. The estimated ink level of all the cartridges will be displayed.

  • Check if the cartridges are low on the level. If so, then either refill or replace them. Open the cartridge access door and remove the cartridge that is low on level. Place the cartridge on a paper towel.
  • If you would like to refill the cartridge then buy an ink refill kit. The kit will contain the compatible ink for your cartridges and a refill syringe. Fill the syringe with the ink that should be refilled.
  • Slowly insert the syringe into the refill holes on the cartridge and empty the cartridge. make sure that no air bubbles are created when you are refilling the cartridge. Do not overfill the cartridge.
  • Check if the copper contact on the cartridge is clean. It should be free from ink smear and debris. Use a link free cloth to clean the surface of the cartridge and the cartridge contact.
  • There are chances for the print head to get clogged if it is not used in a while. So use a damp cloth and wipe the print head. Search for Devices and 123.hp.com/envy7820 Printers on your computer and choose your printer’s name in the list.
  • Right-click your printer model name and choose properties. Select the Hardware tab and click OK. Select the Maintenance tab and choose the Nozzle check option. Select the nozzles that should be cleaned and run the cleaning program.
  • Replace the refilled cartridge or a new cartridge into the cartridge slot. Align the print head to achieve best print quality. If the issue persists, then restore the system to factory settings.

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