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123 HP Envy 7645 Setup and Install

HP Envy 7645 All-in-one-printer First time Setup and Install

  • 123 HP Envy 7645
  • 123 HP Envy 7645 Unboxing and Setting up
  • 123 HP Envy 7645 Ink Cartridge Installation
  • 123 HP Envy 7645 Driver Installation

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123 HP Envy 7645 Features



  • Step1 : Select the option ‘Print’ from the ‘File’ menu in your software
  • Step2: Select your printer model by checking with the printer model number
  • Step3 : Choose the suitable properties for your page setup.

Note: If options are not displayed under the ‘Print’ tab, click on ‘Show Details’

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Use manual duplex printing method in situation when the automatic duplexer is not supported.

  • Step1 : Load paper into the input tray.
  • Step2 : From the software program, click File and then select print
  • Step3 : Select the printer

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  • Step1 : Select the file type you want to save, and then scan the item.
  • Step2 : From the control panel of your HP Printer, touch Scan
  • Step3 : Then from your HP Printer, you will have to touch Computer to scan to the connected computer.

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  • Step1 :On your computer, open the document which you want to fax it to the sender.
  • Step2 :Open the printer’s software application and click on File menu. Select Print option
  • Step 3 : Under the Name list, choose the printer that bears ‘fax’ in the name.

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123 HP Printer Wireless Setup

123 HP Envy7645 Airprint Setup

  1. Connect your Apple device and printer to your Wireless network     and download the Apple AirPrint app
  2. Note down the Network SSID and the Password
  3. Open the app where your document is stored and select Print from the Action icon.
  4. Locate and select your printer model from the drop down displayed
  5. Change print options as required and proceed to Print

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123 HP Envy7645 Wireless Protected Setup

  1. Collect the Network Name and Network Password.
  2. Connect your printer to the Wireless network
  3. Navigate to Wireless setup Wizard, locate your network name and click on Ok.
  4. In the 123 HP site, enter your printer’s model number and on the pop-up displayed select Open/ Run/ Download/ Save depending on the display.
  5. Complete the driver installation by following the instructions on the screen
  6. Complete your printer’s registration and activation on the 123 HP site

123 HP Envy7645 ePrint Setup

  1. After checking if your printer supports HP ePrint, connect your printer to the Wireless network.
  2. Ensure to Turn on Web services on your printer
  3. Print the Important printer Setup Instructions page to obtain your printer’s email id.
  4. If the email id is not provided, the printer’s claim code followed by @hpeprint .com is the mail id
  5. Turn on Wireless Security to prevent unauthorized use of your printer.

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123 HP Envy7645 Google Cloud Print Setup

  1. Look for the Google cloud print logo on your HP printer. If available note down your printer’s email id
  2. If the Google cloud print logo is unavailable register your printer on google Cloud print
  3. A google cloud print ready printer can be setup by signing into your Google account and select Show Advanced Settings
  4. Click on My Devices and check if your printer is registered

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123 HP Envy7645 Ink Cartridge Problem

Upon installation of your cartridge if the printer does not proceed with the print job, check the error message displayed. Cartridge missing, incompatible cartridge, and low ink levels are some commonly displayed errors


Remove the cartridge from the cartridge slot while the printer is turned on. Lift the cartridge up from the access slot to remove


Inspect the cartridge for damage or settled dirt and grime without touching the copper contacts. Clean using glass cleaner spray


Reset the cartridge by holding it at an upward angle and slide it into place with the electrical contacts facing the printer’s rear

Follow the steps given below to resolve cartridge errors on your printer

  • Identify the problem cartridge
  • Remove the problem cartridge and inspect it
  • Clean the cartridge and the electrical contacts and replace it
  • Restart your printer if the problem persists.

Check your printer’s ink or toner levels using your printer’s software or the control panel. The HP Print and Scan Doctor can also be used to estimate ink levels. Alternatively, if your printer is still printing, print the Supply Status report or use the AIO application on your smartphone to estimate ink or toner levels on your printer.

123 HP Envy7645 Wireless Photo Printer, Scanner & Copier

HP Envy7645 Wireless Photo Printing

  1. On your smartphone download and install the HP ePrint application
  2. To enable access to your social media accounts and photographs, click on Add email account or Add cloud account
  3. Open the desired photo using the ePrint app and click on Print to start the print job

123 hp envy 7645 wireless pin setup

HP Envy7645 Wireless scanning

  1. Place the document on the scanner glass along the engraved guidelines with the print side facing downwards
  2. Enable the Manage Scan to Computer under the Scanner Actions tab to permit Wireless scanning
  3. Click on Document (PDF) or Photo (JPEG) under Scan Type and click on OK to start the scan

Features of the AIO Application

  1. It can establish a connection between your computer and printer using Wireless
  2. Scan and share documents and photos using email, WhatsApp or other messaging applications using AIO Application
  3. Print from your smartphone, troubleshoot printer issuers and check printer status using the app

Supporting Formats

The HP Envy7645 printer supports a variety of formats such as PDF, TIFF, PNG, JPEG formats for all scanned or copied documents and photos. For more information on how to save your scanned or copied documents in a particular format, refer the instruction manuals provided on our website.

123 hp envy 7645 wireless setup

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123 HP Envy7645 Update Software (123.hp.com/setup)

Updating HP Printer Software

  1. For Windows, locate HP Solution Center and for Mac select the Supply Levels tab under Printers and Scanners.
  2. Select Settings or Setup based on the printer model.
  3. Click on Check Product update or Printer update or Product update based on the printer model
  4. Follow the instructions provided on the screen to setup the updates.
  5. If required accept terms of service or sign up to install the updates.
  6. Use the Print and Scan doctor or the printer’s control panel to check ink levels.
  1. Print a printer report or a Self-Test page to get the supply status.
  2. Open the AIO Remote app on your smartphone and select your printer
  3. Select the Printer Settings or the Supplies Status icon for ink level information.

123 HP Envy7645 driver installation

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